Alex J. Gustafson

WordPress Developer

Trusted by 43% of the web for a reason.

WordPress is built to solve actual problems we all face on the web. It's been my go-to software since 2010. I build custom WordPress plugins, themes, and Headless WordPress applications to make it work just right for your needs.

From 2014 to 2017, I worked at Automattic helping thousands of people use WordPress for their business, their project, or their blog. (Literally thousands. That's not hyperbole.) I can help you too.

Front-End Developer

Accessible, beautiful, and fast.

Since 2017, I've handled front-end development for local agencies, startups, small businesses, and enterprise web applications. In all these contexts, consideration for how to make a web app, website, or PWA work as best as possible on any device takes professional effort. Oh and by the way, it needs to be stunningly beautiful.

Vue, React, Angular, Svelte, Preact... the front-end space advances everyday. But the principles of making a project work as best as possible for any human with any device remain the same.

Full-Stack Developer

Solving problems from top to bottom.

Most web projects have way more going on behind the scenes than what shows up in the browser.

While I primarily focus on the front end, with the right stack I'm a fully competent full-stack developer. Whether we're taking a new project from start to MVP or multiple teams can use a hand, I enjoy being available as a jack of all trades. Architecting PHP applications, designing APIs, deploying infrastructure, version control and project management, and database queries are all game.


  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Sass
  • React
  • Vue
  • WordPress


Alex is brilliant! He managed to cut down a time-consuming project into a quick website, and was delightful to work with all along the way. I will be working with Alex again and encourage you to, as well! He really knows his stuff and finishes projects with high quality and a 360-degree view on the outcome.

Laser Malena-Webber, Doubleclicks Records

It's a pleasure working with Alex. His front end development expertise on a short timeline was exactly what we needed [...] A professional through the whole process.

Brad Cummings, Founder & CEO of Equilottery Games

I am happy to give an enthusiastic recommendation for Alex’s work. His knowledge, experience, and attitude make him a valuable contributor through all phases of a development project, from planning and strategy through execution. On top of his strong work, his communication skills help keep the project moving smoothly and everyone up-to-date.

Jon Reigelman, Creative Director at National Center for Families Learning